• Very low allergic reaction percentage and low side effects.
  • Great for finer lines in glabella region, forehead and crows feet.
  • It is not a filler. It prevents (paralyzes) the muscle movement to make the furrows. If the lines are deep, a filler (Juvederm) might be recommended in conjunction with Botox.
  • It is NOT toxic in the levels that we would give here.
  • It will wear off and it is not permanent, usually only lasting approx. 3-4 months. Some studies have found that prolonged use extends the time of activation.
  • Does not help with discoloration of skin, just fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Can be used for headaches, it prevents the movement of the frowning and muscle strain, which aids in less tension headaches.
  • In higher unit doses, it can be used to treat Hyperhydrosis, (excessive sweating) of the palms.
  • Side effects are, bruising, bleeding, headaches, migration of serum to other areas, including the eye that could cause drooping.
  • May take 7-10 days to start working. It can feel feather-like on the forehead and that sensation will go away.


  • Filler for deeper furrows and wrinkles.
  • Does not do well around the regions with thinner skin, as the molecules are larger and do not break down as well.
  • Best regions are nasolabial folds, marionette lines and glabella and in the lips to make them fuller.
  • Only lasts approx. 9 months to a year.
  • A nerve block can be injected to decrease pain if recommended by Dr. There is a high risk of bruising and swelling for a week or more.
  • The body will eventually absorb it, but studies have shown that layering and repeat injections can lead to some permanency of product.
  • Great non invasive procedure for those that do not want a facelift, but does need to be repeated to maintain appearance.


  • Can be used for facial, de’colletage, hands and scarred areas.
  • Uses multi-faceted crystals at a desired suction/flow for increased and decreased level and power.
  • It is a slower treatment of pigmentation, sunspots and exfoliating of the skin..
  • Good non chemical treatment by polishing the outer keratin layer of the dermis. The body sees at as an injury to the stratum corneum and begins to reproduce fresh cells.
  • Requires a series for results. Once a series is completed, monthly maintenance is recommended.
  • Almost everyone is a candidate.
  • Bionic serum should be used after treatment for renewal and re-building of cells.
  • Sun screen is recommended after procedure.


  • Quicker results than microdermabrasion.
  • Can cause flaking and peeling of skin.
  • Uses glycolic acid, Alpha hydroxyacids, known as “fruit acid” because they are found naturally in fruit.
  • This exfoliates excess build-up of dead cells that make the skin dull and thick.
  • Very controlled procedure with neutralizer on hand.
  • Great procedure after surgical procedure, ie facelift, blepharoplasty
  • There are certain exclusions to peels and a pre questionnaire is required prior to treatment.
  • Pre-peel application of prep product is required for 2 weeks before a series is started.
  • Bionic serum is used to rebuild and renew cells. Sun screen is highly recommended after.


  • Controlled surgical “sanding/scraping” away the outermost layer of skin with a diamond particle burr powered by a small hand engine.
  • Depth is determined by the surgeon as to the safest level that will soften the edges of surface irregularities and refinish the skin’s top layers.
  • Used to lessen the appearance of acne, surgical or injury scars and fine line wrinkles.
  • Areas to be treated are numbed with local anesthetic before the office procedure. Large or deep areas may be treated in stages.
  • A thin layer of serum is applied for about a week and the area must be protected from the sun.
  • The area will be red and swollen and may crust slightly and as it heals, just like any scrape, tighter pinker new skin forms underneath.
  • Risk of slight blistering, clogged/enlarged pores immediately after the procedure and also skin pigmentation changes, especially with a dark complexion.
  • Treatments not performed on active acne breakouts.


  • Injectable volumizing filler that and helps stimulate your body to produce collagen.
  • Is used to fill deeper areas than Juvaderm, best for areas over bony areas of the face such as forehead, chin and cheekbones. Your surgeon will determine which filler is most appropriate for your situation.
  • Can sometimes create a subtle cheek lift.
  • Can last a year or longer. One technique is periodic “layering” of the product to produce a longer lasting correction.
  • A nerve block can be performed to decrease discomfort and the product also contains a local anesthetic.
  • Some bruising, swelling and tenderness is expected after the injection, but you can return to your normal, daily activities after your visit.