What Insurance Plans Do You Participate With?

Participating with an insurance plan means a provider has contracted with them and follows a mutually agreed upon fee schedule. Patients are responsible for deductibles and co-pays as outlined in their plans. We have contracted with the following insurance companies, but see many patients having who have coverage through insurance companies with whom we are not contracted. Please be advised that we will bill those insurances but the patient may have a higher out-of-pocket financial portion than if they were treated by a participating physician.

It is the patient’s ultimate responsibility to understand their insurance coverage. Please discuss your benefits and obtain a list of participating providers from your agent, group plan administrator or directly from your insurance carrier.

AARP – Medicare replacement by United

Aetna (including CSU Student Health Plan)

Anthem – PPO, HMO, Federal, Exclusive, Select and other (please call to confirm)

Auto Medical Coverage Plans

Banner Health

Blue Cross Blue Shield (Anthem, including Medicare Replacement Plans)


Casualty Management Network



Colorado Access

Colorado Choice

Colorado Network





Patient Accounts / Insurance Claims Coordinator

Phone: 970-372-1150


Great West

Kaiser and Kaiser Medicare Replacement Plans


Medicare and most Medicare Replacement Plans (please call to confirm)



PHCS (Private Health Care Systems)

Poudre R1 School District

Rocky Mountain (Including Medicare Replacement Plans)



United Health Care

Workman’s Compensation Plans

When Might My Surgery be Covered by My Insurance?

If you have health insurance: this is an agreement between you and your insurance to pay certain amounts for medical care. We strive to assist patients in this complex process as much as possible. As a service to you, we submit insurance claims on your behalf, including secondary and supplemental plans. You, in turn, must provide us with complete information about your insurance carrier and the insured party.

If our surgeons feel your procedure should be done for medical necessity, we will send a request for pre-authorization to your insurance company. It is your insurance company’s decision if they will provide coverage for you. Your insurance coverage depends on the policy you have with them and your specific situation. Each company has their own guidelines concerning medical necessity and what they consider cosmetic in nature.

A very important part of being an informed patient, is understanding your insurance benefits. FIRST …Plastic surgery does not necessarily mean cosmetic surgery! Many carriers see “plastic surgery” and assume their insured is trying to have a cosmetic procedure performed at the insurance’s expense. Cosmetic surgery is performed to reshape normal structures of the body in order to improve appearance. Reconstructive surgery is performed on abnormal structures of the body generally to improve function and restore a normal appearance. It is unethical and fraudulent for a practice to represent any cosmetic procedure as reconstructive.

Do You Offer Financing or Payment Plans?

Cosmetic procedures must be paid in full before the surgery date. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, cash, and will accept personal checks if they are received 10 business days before your surgery.

Surgery Financing is available through Prosper HealthCare Lending. Minimum is $2000.00. PHCL offers simple interest loans, not a revolving credit card. Short and Long term plans with no prepayment penalties and varied interest rates are available, based on your credit and amount of the loan you are seeking. It does not affect your credit to submit an inquiry by accessing the link above and find what plans are available to you.

Financing is also offered through Care Credit, a credit card account. No minimum. We participate in the 6 months no interest and in 24 & 36 month term plans. You may apply on-line at or by phone by calling 1-800-365-8295.