Brow Lifts

Now more affordable and available than ever before, endoscopic procedures are an acceptable avenue for those seeking self-improvement. In some cases, insurance may help cover some of the expense of the endoscopic brow procedure if the brow and upper eyelids have “drooped” as far as to obstruct visual fields and surgical correction is necessary to correct the condition. This visual problem is often compounded by lax muscles of the brow and an increase in softened tissue and skin. In some cases the eyebrows are actually below the brow ridge. This extra weight pushes the eyelid skin downward, when there may not be an excess of actual eyelid tissue. In these cases a brow lift may be combined with the reconstructive eyelid surgery, or take the place of it. In any case, the visual fields must be affected to the point that surgical correction is the only answer for insurance to consider covering your claim.

Cosmetically, you can correct the frown lines that crease your forehead, creating a worried or angry expression by having a plastic surgeon perform a forehead or browlift . This same procedure can eliminate the sagging skin of the forehead and the heavy look of hooded upper eyelids. The grooves between the eyebrows and across the top of the nose are also reduced. The cranky or sad expression is replaced with a younger and more alert expression.

This surgery is often performed in conjunction with additional eyelid surgery or a facelift to enhance the new refreshed look. There are a variety of techniques the surgeon may use to achieve the improvements you are particularly seeking. This depends on factors such as the position of your eyebrows, hairline, muscle activity during certain facial expressions, scar forming tendencies and any previous brow or eyelid surgeries.