What to expect during your initial consultation

This is your appointment to meet with the surgeon and establish rapport. You will complete a form regarding your prior medical history before the consultation. You may be asked to partially undress and put on a gown, so that the surgeon will be able to examine the area of concern, if covered by your clothing.

During the visit you will be given opportunity to discuss your present problem and goals. The surgeon will ask you about details and relevant information in your past history. He will perform an examination. Photographs may be taken for your medical record and also possibly submitted for insurance pre-authorization if required.

Once this important information has been gathered, the surgeon will explain the specifics of your condition and discuss the options available for treatment. He will also present the pros and cons of different options and the potential side effects and complications.

You will have opportunity to ask questions. We suggest you start a list of these as they come to mind; physical restrictions after surgery, recovery time, ability to care for yourself post-operatively, concerns regarding planned travel, events or vacations, etc.

If after the consultation you decide to move forward with your procedure, we will contact your insurance (if applicable) and start the process of obtaining your benefits. One of our surgery schedulers will contact you to coordinate a date.

If your procedure is of a cosmetic nature, you will be sent a quote regarding the fees. When you are ready to proceed, simply contact the surgery scheduler to coordinate a date.


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