Dr. Boustred

Dr. Boustred

Goodbye from Dr Boustred:

It has been just over 9 years since my family and I moved to Northern Colorado. We have loved living here and I practicing here.

Sadly it is now time for me to leave private practice. This has occurred somewhat earlier than I had anticipated. I will be 62 this year, however had expected that I would work for a few more years.

6 years ago I lost my left eye in an accident. By God’s grace, I was able to return to practice as a Plastic Surgeon these past 6 years, for which I am very grateful. However, the additional demands upon my body have been very significant and I find myself in the position where three separate physicians have advised me to leave practice (my internist, a spinal surgeon, and a retinal specialist).

I would like to thank the many patients I have been privileged to take care of for entrusting their most precious health into my hands. This has been a great responsibility, but also a great blessing. I shall miss you all more than I can say.

To my colleagues at Northern Colorado Plastic Surgery – many, many thanks for all the hard work behind the scenes, scheduling, talking with patients, dealing with insurances, billing, and so much more. I could not have functioned without you, and as a team you enabled me to take excellent care of folk.

To my medical colleagues, you entrusted me with your patients, and supported me in all my labors, you rallied around me after the loss of my eye, and still kept referring patients. I am deeply grateful for your kindness and confidence and the camaraderie of working together for the greater good of those entrusted in our care.

To the larger medical community, the nurses, scrub techs and staff behind the scenes of the surgery centers and hospitals, the ancillary medical staff, hand therapists, physical therapists and more: thank you to one and all. I would like to say a special thanks to the nurses and scrub techs: you have been truly amazing. Your kind competence to our patients, your working difficult hours sometimes with very demanding people, yet displaying professionalism and grace has been inspirational. You are wonderful and I shall miss you greatly.

Northern Colorado has been a wonderful place to continue my rather strange medical journey. In these past 40+ years in medicine I have been all of the following: physician in underserved, poor rural communities, surgical resident, missionary general surgeon, academic/faculty general surgeon, plastic surgery resident and overseas fellow, academic/faculty plastic surgeon, and plastic surgeon in private practice, and itinerant missionary plastic surgeon.

I have lived on 4 continents, and have a wonderful wife and family who have faithfully come along on this rather unusual journey; they have been and are my mainstay.

What of the future – I am unsure – firstly a long time of rest, and listening for the voice of the Lord for His leading.

Dr. Mark Boustred